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Work Permits

Foreign nationals who want to work in Canada can apply for a work permit under the Entrepreneurs/Self-employed category.

Who would be an ideal candidate?
When can a work permit holder apply for permanent residence in Canada?

There is no set waiting time.

During the first year of employment in Canada, the foreign investor and immediate family members can apply for permanent residence if they meet the requirements of a suitable programme, such as the federal Express Entry or a provincial nomination programme. Most of the time, the process can be completed in less than a year.

How can we assist?

Through our established network of licenced professionals, we at Social Immigration and visa consultancy can assist foreign investor-entrepreneurs in identifying suitable businesses for sale in Canada. Once a suitable business has been identified and purchased, we rely on our recognised legal experience in the Canadian legal community to complete the necessary immigration formalities.

We will provide you with all of the resources and assistance you need to choose the best place to settle in Canada and to launch or purchase your business. We will provide you with all the resources and support you require to increase your chances of having your application approved.

We will assist and represent you in submitting your work permit application to the government of Canada to avoid common errors and potential delays in processing.