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Every year, approximately 50 million visitors from all over the world visit Canada. Visitors to Canada can go sightseeing or to see family and friends. Depending on their country of citizenship, applicants may or may not require a Temporary Resident Visa to visit Canada.

To fly to or transit through a Canadian airport, most visitors must apply for a tourist visa or an Electronic Travel Authorization (eTA). Canada offers a variety of visas that allow you to visit friends and relatives, as well as some unique visas that allow for other activities such as short-term study or business. Temporary resident visas might be valid for a single visit to Canada or for an extended length of time. Find out more about visiting visas and how to prolong your stay.

You may visit Canada as a tourist. You’ll need enough money to support yourself and everyone on your application during your stay.


You must demonstrate that you are a legitimate tourist or visitor planning to leave Canada at the end of your stay. In addition to completing the criteria for the temporary resident category, candidates will need a visa or an electronic travel permission (eTA).

A medical examination may be required, as well as a letter of invitation/sponsorship.Temporary Resident Visas can be issued for a single visit to Canada or multiple visits. Each visit to Canada allows visitors to stay for up to six months. Those who want to stay longer can request an extension.

Your family member may require a visa to enter Canada. If you are asking friends or family to visit, you must first study the list of countries and territories whose inhabitants require a visa. If your friend or family member’s country is on the list, they will need to apply for and be granted a visa before they may enter Canada.

Our Canadian immigration services feature a variety of alternatives, including Full Representation, Final Review, and Do-It-Yourself packages. If you have any queries, you can schedule a consultation with an immigration consultant in Calgary.